Algarve Football Association


Associação de Futebol do Algarve

AF Algarve


District Football Association

Complexo Desportivo de Faro


8000 – 788 Faro


António Coelho Matosa


Estádio Algarve

The Associação de Futebol do Algarve (Algarve Football Association) is one of the 22 District Football Associations that are affiliated to the Portuguese Football Federation. The AF Algarve administers lower tier football in the district of Faro.[1]


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4.3 Taça do Algarve

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Associação de Futebol do Algarve, commonly referred to as AF Algarve, is the governing body for football in the district of Faro. The Football Association is based in Penha in Faro, close to Piscinas Municipais de Faro (Faro Municipal Swimming Pool) and Complexo Desportivo da Penha (Sports Complex of Penha). The Association’s President is António Coelho Matosa.[2]
The organisation was established on 22 January 1922 following an initial meeting on 15 October 1921 at the Ginásio Clube Farense by representatives from a number of Algarve clubs including Sporting Clube Farense, Sport Lisboa e Faro, Boxing Futebol Clube (Portimão), Sporting Clube Olhanense, Lusitano Futebol Clube, Glória Futebol Clube, Portimonense Sporting Clube, Sport Club União, Sport Club “Os Leões Portimonenses” and Esperança Futebol Clube. The two previous attempts to establish a Football Association ended in failure.[3]
Algarve clubs compete in the three national levels of the Portuguese football league system in competitions run by the Portuguese League for Professional Football (Primeira Liga and Liga de Honra) and Portuguese Football Federation (Campeonato Nacional de Seniores). In 2009 SC Olhanense were promoted to the Primeira Liga after winning the Liga de Honra.[4] No club from the Algarve had played in the Primeira Liga since 2002.[5]
Below the Terceira Divisão (Portuguese Third Division) the competitions are organised at a district level (known in Portuguese as Distritais) with each District Association organising its competitions according